Monday, December 24, 2018

What to do when your tired to complete the project

What to do when your tired to complete the project

Hey mate, this last days i had that feeling of fear, that sound in my mind keep telling me, that i'm tired of the project that i'm working on.

But you know me i won't ever give up completing a project, cause it's the only thing i love to do, and i want to do it for living.

Maybe you're too had the same feeling someday, i don't know about you but sure you can share your story with me if you want to, i'll be happy to comment on it.

I think i have to tell you how i did won on my mind, get my power back, and i'm still working on the project.

I always ask myself one question, what's that i want in my life, my answer always decide if i should continue doing what i'm doing or i should change direction.

When i answer that question, i see if what i'm doing helping me to progress in the same direction to my dreams, or not.

But! answering this question is not enough cause you and me knows, how it feels like having that feeling, when we can't be productive even when we try to be.

When we feel depressed, i do feel you bro, i really do, cause i been there, not one time not two, i been there a lot of times, but the important thing is that i never gave up on me.

When you encounter something difficult and you think you cant do it, i told you for sure you can do it, trust me for that over your mind, i talk about the bad mind of yours, you feel me bro!.

I'm sure of that cause a lot of other developers did it before you, and trust me they are not special.

With the hard work you can solve any problem, just give it it's time, search, read articles, practice, try things out, get some rest, keep looping through the circle, until you solve the problem and move on to the next part.

When you solve a difficult, complex problems you will learn a lot that will help you in the future, as well by time you will have the ability to decide the good practice for solving problems, not only solving them.

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To motivate yourself, think about a day where your dream(s) became true, and remember all the hard work you put to get in here.

Those days that you stayed up until you completed that task, or the days that you woke up early to achieve more than regular persons do.

Then think that this project is a required step to get to the next step toward your dream(s).

Don't give up, complete the project he will pay off. 

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