Friday, December 7, 2018

First real world project as freelancer Benefits & Obstacles

First real world project as freelancer Benefits & Obstacles

Hey i see you brother, i see you excited to know how it feels like living the freelancer life, working from home, cafe, bed, or beach.

First of all, if you don't know what freelance means, don't sweat it. it's simple than you maybe think, i'll tell in a moment.

Freelancers get a project, or a task from a customer (maybe any customer), they complete the task or the project, finally they get paid.

Did you see how simple was that, but wait a moment it's not that easy, every step needs time to accomplish.

In this article, post or text name it whatever you like, i will share with you the step that i did take to get my first project (i mean Project brother).

After i get the basic understanding of PHP and how does it work with MySQL, just the simple CRUD operation (add, update, delete).

Actually if you did read my other writing at this blog, maybe you already know, that i started my journey in programming with C programming language, with C i did understand a lot about computers (it's secret maybe).

But you're a smart coder and you don't think that you will use your C knowledge to create web applications, but it helps a lot (PHP syntax similar a lot to C).

In today industry you must use OOP (object oriented programming) to create a salable and reusable code, as will OOP will make your life exciting and easy.

Ok, with my C knowledge and the OOP principles in my head, i think you may be thinking where did i learn OOP, if you are don't worry i'll tell you in a second.

I did take two years in programming, i did learn at this 2 years the principles of OOP using C# programming language.

i needed one more thing after learning MySQL and PHP, did you gusses it? Yeap, it's MVC Pattern, i did learn the basic of MVC and how does he work with PHP.

Now with this knowledge, you can start searching about projects, tasks, or even work on a portfolio, i start posting  and applying for projects, but no respond.

By chance i was on a Skype groupe which post projects and developers see if they can do the project or the task, i was following the groupe posting everyday, i was waiting for a task that i can do.

Yeaaah! the day has come, i did prove that i can do a task which was about database implementation using PHP&MySQL, I did complete the task, and after a little modifications the customer was happy with result.

Yes that was it my first opportunity at that groupe, after that the Boss of the groupe (Yeap the boss, but i call him Brother as he call me Brother also) it's really good when your working with developer and not a boss boss.

When we was?? ah yea when i did complete the task, you may say i did join the developers team, and Now i can get a large projects.

I know you're asking!, with PHP & MySQL you get large project?, did you think that i don't learn new things, Yes i did chose Laravel and VueJs for the project.

This is the first  step, how i did get the project, but how about the second step which is the step that decide if your gonna get paid and a positive review, or you won't.

Actually it took me more than two weeks to get familiar with Laravel and Vue, i was watching videos from all over the web and practicing at the same time, i followed blog tutorials,...

After that i started the project, first by doing a initial design for the database, trying to understand the project detail more and more.

Even if those days was hard but they really help me learn a lot the hard way, learning by doing, learning with try and errors, read a lot of articles documentations.

The great thing is that now i can learn and understand the technology documentation, and getting what i'm looking for, and implement it, yes and it works.

At this point, it still a little days, and i will be completing the project, after i complete it i will share with you brother how things passes.

If you're still reading, that's means that i will tell you what's the great advice that i can give you before start looking for projects.

Before you start looking for projects as freelancer, please make sure you have:

  1.  A good understanding of JavaScript, don't ask why you'll know later, but do it bro.
  2. At least a basic knowledge of Version Control Systems like Git.
  3. Make sure to use one of JavaScript library or Framework (i mean React, Vue, Angular)
  4. I think your good to go
I tell you that  because when you're working on a project, you will have responsibilities, and a timeline, so better learn them before that happened.

I'm really curious about you, are a freelancer, beginner, thinking to start,... If you like to help me know your experience, feel free to let a comment, or email me. I will be really happy to hear from you.

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