Sunday, December 30, 2018

Does listening to music while programming a bad habit

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Music is one of most interesting things in this world, but not every one love listening to music, specially when doing some task.

Programming in other hand needs some focus, if it not needs a lot of focus, but a lot of programmers listen to music while programming.

So, the question is: Should you listen to music while writing codes and solving problems or Not?

In this article i want to discuss with you, some point that i think may help you, this point will be from my personal view, and may or  may not be correct in your case.

Then i will try to include some scientific things, that i found while i was doing a little searching on the internet.

I use to open YouTube app on my iPhone and search for a playlist that may interest me, then i play it and start working on my project.

I did find this habit helpful sometimes, cause it helps me ignore everything other than music and coding, but sometimes i feel that i can't progress anymore, i can't continue thinking about the problem and listening to the music the same time.

I think i found it helpful when i'm already knowing the solution of the problem, and not when i'm working on solution for the actual problem.

How easy was my opinion in music while programming, but what about other resource the scientific ones, i think it's interesting when talking scientific and not just personal opinion.

In an article with title: Research Shows Listening to Music Increases Productivity shows that the effect of listening to music depend on the type of music you maybe listening.

Some type of music may help you increase your productivity, and some may decrease it, if you are wondering what type of music is good and what type is not, feel free to read that article it's short and answer that question.

Another article from PsychologyToday that talk about cases when music is helpful and can make the task less boring, it's talk about the studies that made about this topic.

The article is really helpful if you want to know more about music and productivity, so if you are give it a read.

i found those two article really satisfied as a programmer, I tried to add them here so you can find them together instead of  keep navigating from article to another.

Thank you for reading, feel free to share, comment you opinion or another informative resources.

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