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You can't focus while learning web development - Read This!

Now a day exists many different programming languages, a lots of web technologies, they make you feel lost in the jungle, but you don't need to worry very much about them.

You can't focus while learning web development - Read This!
A quote by: Benjamin Disraeli "A consistent man believes in destiny; a capricious man in chance"

Focus on the basics first:

When you decide to start learning web development, the first obstacle you face is how to pick up the right tools.

As a web developer you must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, please before you try to learn something new, try to learn as much this 3 items (HTML, CSS and Js) as possible.

Because you don't want't to start learning bootstrap and you don't know CSS, and you don't wanna learn jQuery without JavaScript.

Okay, now you know how to learn the basics correctly (in my opinion).

Branch regularly:

Branch regularly - Linear Branch
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After learning the basics now you have to start explore new things, don't be afraid because you already passed the hard part.

Start with CSS Frameworks Bootstrap for example, it's very powerful and popular, it will help create websites faster.

Then you may love to use CSS preprocessor Like Sass, Less: they will help you to write CSS faster and maintainable CSS codes.

I think that's it for CSS, Now you need to move on and start learning JavaScript Frameworks, jQuery to start with! it's a good idea, jQuery is very powerful and popularly used JavaScript Framework.

AngularJs is another powerful JavaScript Framework that help you make what's called Single-page application.

Specify what do you need for the market:

Tools of programming - creative man lab
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Web development divided by two parts, Front-End and Back-End. with HTML, CSS, JavaScript you can write front-end web application.

When you learn the technologies we talked about until here, you are a Front-End web developer, but what if you wanna do both Front and Back Ends, So you need to learn more.

You will be called a Full-Stack web developer when you learn how to write programs that run on the server and not on the browser, application that's able to communicate with the database.

As beginner you don't need to know about the back-end yet, just focus on the Front-End unless you completed it.

Consistency "Stop trying to learn everything":

To achieve anything you need to be consistent about it, specially for programming there are a lots to learn.

A quotes from Peggy Noonan:
Part of courage is simple consistency.

The Success needs a consistent man, you need to commit to learn something and stick with it until you learn it, then move to the next thing.

Good Luck.

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