Saturday, July 21, 2018

Programming for Fun and Profit

Now i realize why i didn't stop my interest in programming and i kept learning and involving in the programming world, in twitter, Facebook groups, and blogging.

Programming for Fun and Profit - Two kids running for fun and profit
Photo by: Wayne Lee-Sing

Programming for Fun:

Code for fun - Logo
It's really fun if you are passionate about it

It was fun actually cause i can't stop when i start it, i set on the chair every day for  more than half day, just trying to learn something new or practicing something, maybe making some.

If it wasn't fun for me i don't think i'll be able to continue like this for more than 2 years, the problem with me is that i love programming en general, so i found it really hard to learn only one thing and let the others, i wanna learn everything which is clearly impossible.

So, i just let it going and i pick what i needed for the moment, if i need to make a website i stick with the tools that i find comfortable for me, if i wanna build an android app i'll learn the tools i need, and so on.

Programming is for Profit as well:

My first experience with android was when some friend of friend request me to make an app for him, i found it a good idea and an opportunity for me to explore the android world, so it took me i think 20 days to complete the app, i was happy when i was making the app, specially when i got payed for the first time.

A person's hand holding up a roll of dollar bills
Photo by: Vitaly Taranov

Programming is not only for fun, it's for profit as well, at the first it may be a little hard to find a client, but sure with the experiences and with a try after try, you'll sure get a client.

Freelance is good for those who wan't the free life, work where you want, when you want, as freelancer as programmer you have to take some responsibilities, but as programmer who write code for fun before profit, i'm sure you'll deliver a great result.

a quote by Mike  Nichols about taking chance to be freelance and get opportunity
A quote by Mike Nichols

If you are doing programming for fun and profit also, don't shy to share with us your experiences, stories, and so on.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next Post.

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