Monday, July 2, 2018

I made the right decision after wasting Two years in the wrong decision

I made the right decision after wasting Two years in the wrong decision

I think it’s great idea to share with you guys my story, it may help someone to make the right decision instead of wasting time trying some wrong decision like what happened with me.

How it start?

After I get my bachelor in Physics, I choose to continue at university of Science studying Physics and Chemistry. 

I started my first semester attending all my classes, but the problem was that I could not do my homework, I just can’t, I was bored when I tried to review my lessons.

After two years of university life, I found myself repeating the same mistake, and I try to do something I’m not interested in.

I did not passed the first, the second year, not because I do not understand Physics, Chemistry, or the mathematics, but I was not interested in learning them.

It’s not wrong to make the wrong decisions!


Even though I lost two years of my life in university, I did not regret it, because I met a lot of peoples, which affect my life in a positive way, like earning the habit of reading, I loved reading novels at that time.

After two years, it came the day that I took a moment to evaluate what I did in those two years.

I found that I was trying to do something wrong, I was wasting time in the wrong thing, you may tell me you could of take this moment after wasting the 1st year, but I’ll tell it was my family suggestion they encourage me to try again.

I told myself that I loved computer and all the things associated with it, I discovered the programming world before the high-school, I loved playing with VB6 making systems like calculators, Bachelor Note counter, and so on.

So I decided to learn programming, I had a feeling of success, I choose to ignore any other family opinion and I followed my passion in life, because it’s mine and not others.

Finally I found my passion in life as programmer.

secret road forked to two way

I signed to an institute in programming, I learned C, C#, SqlServer, Algorithm, ASP.NET, and so on.

I was the first in my class, I was always helping my friends, to understand and resolve their problems, this years which 2018, I will get my Diploma.

With programming I had no problem performing my homework and reviewing my lessons, without any effort, I was doing them by default.

I love the following quote:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” - Confucius

When I do a programming work for others even for free, I feel that this quote describes my feelings.

Don't think about family embarrassment.

father guide their daughter

When you are about to make a decision in your life, think about your passion and ask yourself honest question, and do not let others opinion determine your decision, because it’s your journey and no one will take responsibility with you.

Think about your happiness, and do what you love, think about the things that make you happy when you do them.

Don’t waste your time in the wrong things, if you found that you are doing something you don’t like, just try again and give another shoot to another decision, until you find your passion.

Don’t give up because, you well worth being happy in your life.

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Thank you for reading.

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