Friday, June 15, 2018

Who are coders that I’m talking with?

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That what talking about,...

Anyone who born for code is for me  a coder, I don’t talk with those who are learning code just for pass an exam, or just because someone told them by coding you can make money.

Anyone who is doing programming for passion, not for money, because as Jack Ma said:
Don’t worry about the money, money follows the people, people should follow the dreams….money will come - Jack Ma
So hello coders, I’m just started blogging again, and I’m so excited to tell you who are coders that I’m talking about in my Blog, so let’s get to it!

Whatever you are! it doesn’t matter!

we all the same - no gender matter

Man, Women, Boy, Girl, that doesn’t matter whatever you are, you are nice, but what’s matter is how you spend your day? What are doing? That’s what matter. 

I consider myself as a coder and that doesn’t mean that am a professional programmer or am an expert in programming, but what I mean by that is I’m coder and I love anything about coding, it’s really not easy to be a coder, because a coder get up early and sleep late, coder keep watching codes all the day, sometime codes that he wrote, but sometimes other coder codes.

Now you know that gender doesn’t matter, just you that matter, if you are a passionate about coding, and you have dreams that someday you will create something that will change your life, so you are a coder just like me.

Coder knows more than just code?

a coder want to learn more

I’m sure that in your way you will learn more than you expected, you will learn from projects, articles, courses, books, etc… you will learn from a lot of resource in your programming path.

A coder need to know a lot of things, sometimes you’ll need to know SEO, sometimes you need Marketing, Social Network, Networking, System management, Deployment, and so on.

I love movies, I watch a lot of them, but I didn’t like all the movies that I watched, a lot of time I benefit from movies, I benefit from them patience, hope, hardworking, but the more important is never give up.

Coders should learn patience, should be hard workers, and should fight for their dreams, because if they do so, someday the dreams will come true.

I just want to talk to you coders it’s just the beginning I will make sure to write lessons, tutorials, How to, success lifestyle, and more, just for you to be educated and happy.

So don’t miss upcoming posts!

Before I finish this article I want to share with you this quote:

“Money bring bitches, bitches bring lies” - Tupac Shakur
So Be careful with your money aha…

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