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The power of time management while learning programming

The power of time management while learning programming
It’s really simple you just need an initiative

I always learning programming stuff, sometimes I learn new things but lot of time I practicing my old stuff, but either way I learn how to be a better programmer than I was last day.

In my road, learning I experienced a lot of ways like learn in early morning, in the middle of the day, or at night… but what I thing is I really didn’t notice any difference as long as I still have the mind to learn with.

I also experienced to learn more than one thing at the time, do more than one thing, like opening lot of tabs in my browser and in same time trying to learn coding or solving a problem, in this Article I want to share with you what I found really helpful while learning programming, which is time management.

What is time management anyway?

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Wikipedia

So Time management is planning! Controlling of time! It is a key factor to be effective, efficient or productive. I think that’s it! But let me tell you about my experiences with this time management thing.

Should you really need to focus in one thing at a time while learning?

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It’s really depend in what you are learning, are you learning programming by following a specific YouTube series, or you learn from a book, maybe you are learning bit by bit using Google, but in both cases you are learning a specific thing, maybe a programming language, an algorithm, a database management, … when you are on your way to learn one thing, I tell you should be focusing in that one thing, cause if you don’t either you will stop learning it, or it will take a long time to learn it.

When you are practicing what you learned already you will encounter problems of course, especially when you are programming so the best way to find a fix for your bugs, you have Google as your first choice.

While exploring Google result that correspond your search, sometimes you will find a fix for your bug in the first discussion you’ll find on account of the popularity of the bug, but sometimes you’ll need to explore all the result or even write a post about your problem in StackOverflow, Quora, or any forums, groups, you think they can help you.

For you to find a fix for your bug, you need to focus on understanding the bug and that is done by reading about it, after that you will be able to solve it, either by a fix you found or by rearrange you search keyword.

Sometimes you don’t need to focus on one thing, like while learning more than programming language or more than one concept, like learning ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL SERVER ... I know it’s much to learn them all at the time, but they are related to each other, and there are times you need to link between them after learning each one alone.

Anyway the focus is very important while doing anything, the focus helps you to achieve what you want to achieve, without wasting your time.

You can do more things a day just with managing your time!

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Imagine with you want learn programming while you are a full-time employee, without organizing your time you can’t do it. But be sure you can do it in other hand while you’re planning to how you want your day to be.

By planning, your day will be more easy, you will have less choices which helps you to live a happy day, also helps you to find your passion and your goal of doing anything, and working to achieve your dreams.

I can manage my time by doing what I should do first then I do what I want to later, when I weak up morning which is most of the time at 7 AM, after the week up things, i check if I have any meeting or plans, than I open my Gmail for any email, news, warning, … I start learning from Udacity, Udemy,... I complete one course then I start coding, practicing to exams, projects opportunity etc… after I get out walking, really I can’t be far away from computer, but for  continuity I should change the atmosphere.

By managing you time you will be capable of patience, because you will be able to let tomorrow work until tomorrow, and do today work today.

Managing time and success:

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I don’t think am a successful man yet, but it’s very often that a successful man’s did manage his time i find a quote for you by Bill Gates:

Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning. – Bill Gates

Which mean as I understand it that every day is for work, there are a lot of quotes out there, you can read an article about it on

Thank you for reading, see you in next article

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