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Should every programmer learn C as their first programming language?

Should every programmer learn C as their first programming language?

Before we start answering the question posed in the title, let’s talk a little bit about C programming language and what we can do with it.

I made a lot of research about the importance of C, and how its help us to understand a lot of programming concepts, I read many different programmer opinions, also because C was my first programming languages, I want to share with you my experience and my opinion about, if you should as programmer to learn C or you don’t need to.

If you don’t yet know what C is and what it can do!

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C is a low to middle-level general-purpose programming language, allow you to make different type of programs like: operating systems, desktop application, make other programming languages compiler, browsers, and more… 

The only level below C is the Assembly corresponds to the CPU used, which makes it a very powerful programming language, so you don’t need to write C program for each OS.

Using C means you have to manage your memory by yourself, using the pointers to make Dynamic memory allocation, etc. (if you don’t know what pointer is? A pointer is a type of reference that records the address or location of an object or function in memory “Wikipedia”).

Is c important for web developers?

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It depend on what are your position in Web development, are you a front-end web developer? Or you are a back-end?

For front-end:

JavaScript is a good programming language to start with after Learning HTML and CSS, and you don’t need to learn C as Front-end Developer, only if you love to learn it anyway.

For back-end:

Also you don’t need to learn C language, but learning it as a first language will help you understand how programming works better, so you can learn other high-level programming languages faster, such as PHP, Java, C#, and so on.

PHP is a good language to start if you don’t want to learn C, but JavaScript is a great language to start with in full stack web development.

Is c important for other developers?

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C is very important for lot of programming areas, because by C you’ll learn how computers work, and understand how height-level programming works behind the scene and the work doing for you, if you are planning to learn Java or C++, or even C#, C is a good way to start.

After understanding C it’s easy to learn Java or other height-level languages based on C language by only learning the principle of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) of the language.

My experience with C programming language

As I told you C was my first real programming language, after I was searching to learn all about computer and understand how does it work, i found a lot about Assembly and how it work, but I didn’t study it cause it’s not fun, I think this was the reason.

I kept on looking for how computer works, I really start to understand how this things function, I study binary algebra and a lot about how CPU functions and other hardware stuffs, but I forget a lot of them now.

After that, I signed up for an institute to study IT development, the first think we start learning was C Programming language for structured programming, here I start to learn C in the institute and by myself through reading articles, books (as references) and watching tutorials and practice, etc.

What C gives me was incredible! I understand a lot of principles like variables and how it stored in the memory, and I understand how memory works through learning pointers, i understand everything about loops, array, structure, etc.

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