Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I’ll make money blogging at this time!

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Hello readers, I love to welcome you to my second blog, after I deleted my first one after one year of blogging, I made width Google AdSense 2$ or so. But this time I have a feeling that this new beginning will be different.

Why I removed my first blog?

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When I just created it, I had one purpose is to make money and unlock my iPhone 5s, unfortunately I didn’t do it with my blog. But I unlock the iPhone with my own money, so that was my goal behind the first blog, now that it is exist without target from it, I had to  remove it.

What the purpose behind creating a new blog (this blog)?

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I always had the dream of having a successful blog, I love programming as well as I love to write about it, I love to write tutorials, create lessons in the way that I understand (the simplest way), experiences that I got from a long way learning how to program, and even explain some problems and errors that I encountered and solved.
So today I felt like it’s the time to start blogging, with one year experience, I gain a lot of things, like how to write a blog that respect SEO, how to request blog post index after posting a new blog, how to use Google Web Master Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, …
As programmer and writer, I had that dream to be an author someday of famous books, and to be a teacher at university or school, teaching young people how to write code, how to be successful in it. Even though everybody can learn programming, there are only few that can survive and continue along the road and be successful. 

Who am I?

this is me abdessamad el hamdany author of guidena.blogspot.com

Abdessamd El Hamdany is a long name isn’t it, but doesn't matter does it? I have loved programming since I was in college I remember I was always searching about how do computer work and all these questions that was in my head. After a while searching I get to know programming, I loved when I was reading about it? I was always reading about it! Just reading!
In 2016, I signed for an institute here in Maroc, I learned C programming in first semester, I was always practicing searching and getting deep into the things that I was learn in the class.
In the second semester we learn C# for oriented programming purpose, I really understand OOP and why we use it! Because I have a good basic in C, I learned C# very fast (with practice and practice …) by the word I “learned” I didn’t mean that I memorized all codes, but what I mean is that I understand the concept of how things work.
Today, I am a .Net developer, with knowledge of C#.Net, ASP.NET, Win Form, Console Application, Client/Server Programming with ADO.NET and SQL SERVER Database. I created a quiet a bit of project for me and sometimes for my friends. So I think I’ll be able to share my knowledge with people that just start programming, as well as practicing my English and the way I write about programming.

Other Topics:

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As a blogger I often love to read others blog posts, so in my way I think I will divide my blog to different category:

Learn Programming

This section will contain programming tutorials like how to topics, and will contain lesson as series of course that help a beginner to learn his or her first programming language or learn a new one.

Blog biography

I think I invented this section ha-ha.., this one I will share the problems and the moments that I think it will be great to share them with my student my visitors.

Problem Solved

Often when I run the program that am working at, something came up, sometimes a new error, but often an error that replicate with different context, that error that I will share with you in this section.

About Movies

Because I love watching movies, in the recent years I watched a lot of great movies, so is very nice to share the story of the movies that I watched, to help other programmers decides if they’ll love to watch it or not.

Enjoy Your Stay!

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